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My Taylor 910 and Taylor AB-3 with roses.             Arranged and photographed by my daughter, Catherine Favero.

Over the years, I've been very fortunate when it has come to music and musical instruments. I've had the occasion to play with some excellent musicians and play some wonderful instruments. I've also been able to hang on to some of the instruments that I started with back then. Of course, there are those few that did get away. I have long regretted selling my 1970 Fender Jazz Fretless, an Ovation, my Epiphone 12-string, and my upright back in 1980 for a fraction of their value, not to mention what it would be worth today. Fortunately, since the great sale of 1980, I have had the opportunity to acquire a few very nice instruments to replace them.

This web page is a compilation of what I currently own. I hope you enjoy.

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For an overview of what I was doing musically back when I was much younger: My Bands »»

For some music samples of bands I worked with in the 60s and 70s, click here: YouTube Playlist.

Epiphone Fender Gibson Martin Music Man Sadowsky Takamine Taylor Yamaha Fretless Basses Amps Pedals Recordings

fender 70sbpbass15ri1 1987_Fender_Jazz_Bass_Special_Fretless_268x890_(MIJ).png Fender Jazz Bass (DSC_1338)
1970 Fender Precision Bass 1987 Fender Jazz Bass Special
Fretless (MIM)
1994 Fender MIJ Jazz Bass
Jaco DSC_9120e
2000 Fender Jaco Pastorius Jazz Bass
Fretless - Artist Series - Sunburst
2012 Fender Nate Mendel Precision Bass
Fender Delux Jazz DSC_9124e
2009 Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass
3-Color Sunburst, Maple Fretboard
Fender Basses - 1994, 1971, 1988
All Fenders - 2000, 1971, 2012, 1987, 2009, and 1994

Gibson DSC_1329e
1967 Gibson B-25-3/4 Acoustic Guitar
gibson DSC_5912e
1985 Gibson ES-335 Electric Guitar
Gibson EB-2 (DSC_1317)
1967 Gibson EB-2
(Purchased New in 1967)
Gibson siblings
1967 EB-2, 1985 ES-335

Sadowsky Metroline
Sadowsky Metroline Ultra Vintage
Sadowsky Metroline
Sadowsky Metroline Ultra Vintage
Close-up of body

Martin DSC_1351
1971 Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar

Music Man
2013 MusicMan StingRay 5-String HH Bass
2013 MusicMan StingRay 5-String HH Bass

Epiphone Jack Casady
2012 Epiphone Jack Casady Alpine White
(Limited Edition)
2003 Epiphone Les Paul Jr. Electric Guitar
Commemerating the Dale Earnhardt Tribute Concert

Takamine Jasmine - DSC_1275e
2000 Takamine ES100C-4 Jasmine Bass
Rock Solid stand DSC_9133e
Rock Solid Multi Guitar Stand

Taylor 25th Annv - DSC_1271e
1999 Taylor XXV-DR (25th Anniversary) Acoustic Guitar
Taylor 25th Annv - View 2 - DSC_1262
1999 Taylor XXV-DR (25th Anniversary) Acoustic Guitar
Close-up of Neck
Taylor 555-12 - DSC_1286e
1994 Taylor 555-12 (12-String) Acoustic Guitar
Taylor 910 and 25th Anniversay
Taylor 910 -DSC_1296e
1996 Taylor 910 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Taylor 910 - view 2 - DSC_1292
1996 Taylor 910 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - Close-up of Neck
taylor AB-3 - DSC_1306e
1998 Taylor AB-3 Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitar
taylor AB-3-1
1998 Taylor AB-3 Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitar - Close-up of Neck
taylor baby TaylorDSC_9130e
2011 Taylor "Taylor Swift" Baby Taylor
Taylor GS Mini-e Bass
2017 Taylor GS Mini-e Bass
taylor Cujo - DSC_1254e
1997 Taylor Cujo-14 Limited
1997 Taylor Cujo-14 Limited - Close-up of Neck

Yamaha 3-4 DSC_9129e
2011 Yamaha 3/4 Scale Classical Nylon
1969 Yamaha FG-71 Guitar

Another Catherine photo
A couple of
Taylor's on display
Another Catherine photo
Cujo and Epiphone
Hanging Around
Parked on their stands

The "Family"

Fretless Bass Guitars
Fretless_Basses_(521x400).png Two Views of Our Four Fretless Bass Guitars         Combined_Fretless_Basses_321x400.jpg

An Original Ampeg SVT Blueline
95 Pound Head
Six 6146 Power Tubes
8x10 Cab

The SVT's baby brother:
Ampeg Micro CL

300 Watt Ampeg SVT Blueline
Factory Photo of Original SVT

A couple of smaller Fender's and a Line 6


Fender Rumble 500 (2x10" 500W Bass Combo)

Fender Rumble 500 (2x10" 500W Bass Combo)

Fender BXR 300C (1x15" 300W Bass combo)

With the exception of the JamMan loop pedal, these are the pedal that I will be on my pedal board.

Panoramic View of Guitars in Office

Some Very Old Live Music Samples
Here's a couple of YouTube samples of one of the bands I was fortunate enough to play with back in the 1970s. The band was called "All About" as you can see form our brochure. It was an 8 piece very funky horn group that played all around Western New York.
"All About" consisted of our front man and lead vocalist John Davis, Tom Greco on guitar, lead vocals, and backup vocals, with Dom Mitro on keyboards. Our horn section was made up of Tony Nastasi on alto and tenor sax and flute, Eddie Urso on trumpet, and John Davies on trombone. Our kick a$$ rhythm section was made up of Mario Quaglia on drums and backup vocals, and Willie Favero on fretless bass and backup vocals.

Cover_page   Inside_Cover   Inside_page_2_and_3   Inside_page_4   Back_Cover
The following 10 recordings were made with a 1970s tape recorder laying on one of the tables at the International Lounge on Pine Avenue in Niagara Falls, NY during one of the performances of "All About". Please excuse the recording quality.
"Song for My Father", Horace Silver Quintet "Down to the Nightclub", Tower of Power "Don't Change Horses", Tower of Power "This Time it's Real", Chicago
"I Can't Move No Mountain" by Blood, Sweat & Tears "Moondance", Van Morrison "We've Got To Live Together" by the Buddy Miles Express "Got the Love", Average White Band
"You Can Count on Me", Chicago "Everybody's Everything", Santana

The Apaches  
This last recording goes back even further, back to the mid-1960s, back to a Saturday night dance at Bishop Duffy High School. The band is the "Apaches". The "Apaches" were a bunch of kids just starting high school; Thom Rotella on guitar, Pat Perry on drums and vocals, Rich DelZoppo on guitar, and me, Willie Favero, playing bass guitar. We all shared background vocals duty. Althoguh this was the first band I was in the made moeny playing music, it was the band that actually got me started as a Niagara Falls musician.
Jim Brunn was the MC this night and made the recording.
"Day Tripper", The Beatles

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