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Left to Right, Top: Penelope, All About, BMC Blues Band, Houston Open Mics.
Middle Row: Houston Open Mics, the Apaches, Open Mics.
Bottom Row: A couple of differnet Open Mics, Jazz group (Falls).

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William (Willie) Favero
Last updated on January 24, 2023

After taking guitar lessons for a few years, I purchased my first bass guitar, a used white Klira, in 1963. A short time later, I joined my first band and in 1964 played my first paying gig. I played bass with a lot of bands between 1964 and 1978. We performed all over Western New York and Southern Ontario. Yet, we spent most of our time playing in Niagara Falls, NY. Those years were a great time for me. I worked with some phenomenal musicians back then. Many of them are still playing today. In fact, a few are recording and doing quite well for themselves today.

I do have a few regrets... first is not continuing to play on a regular basis after moving to St Louis, Dallas, and Houston. Another major regret is the lack of photographs saved, or even taken, of the bands I have worked. I'm sure there are photos out there someplace. Unfortunately, I have no idea where they might be or how to get hold of them. Finally, the complete lack of any recordings of any of those bands. In fact, we did record a few of the bands, but reused the tapes over and over.

My recent retirement has given me the chance to look back at those years. I now have the time to share what recordings I did save on this web page. The most significant aspect of retirement is it has allowed me to embark on my second music career.

The photos and recordings that follow on this page attempt to document my musical career, both past and present.

Please enjoy... and thanks for visiting.



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Important Notice

We have all been impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. For musicians, that means everyplace where we can perform, entertain, or make a few dollars, has been closed ad is finally starting to open back up. 

A group was created on Facebook that performed two purposes. First, an outlet for those musicians that are now at home (quarantined/social distancing) that would like to share some music.  However, secondly and more importantly, a way to promote the 'Live Music Venues' who are now offering a take out food/beverage service in order to generate some revenue for their business to stay afloat and pay their employees.  After all, they supported us, it's only right that we return the favor. 

The following Playlists are covers of songs I contributed to "the cause" along with songs that I just contributed the bass portion for another musician.   Please enjoy.

Click thru here for "Virtual Open Mic performances where I contributed" on YouTube

Click thru here for "Virtual Open Mic performances with just me" on YouTube


Today I'm playing gigs around the Houston metropolitan area with a couple of groups: the predominantly Country/Texas Country Outlaw band that dabbles in Classic Rock called "The Can't Hardly Playboys and One Girl Band" and the Americana/Blues group "Wild Rabbit Salad". During the week if I'm not working, you can find me providing bass support to local guitar players/singers/songwriters at numerous Open Mics (most every Thursday night at Puffabelly’s Restaurant in Old Town Spring) around the North Houston area. I also try to perform at the occasional festival or charity event whenever possible. I am always available to anyone who would like a bass guitar player to back them up at an Open Mic, Open Jam, recording session or any other kind of musical performance within reasonable driving distance. Finally, late at night you can find me online heavily involved with, writing and playing bass lines for upcoming composers/artists from around the world. Click Here for a list of song I have contributed to that you can listen to online. I also have an Youtube Channel with numerous music samples.

I enjoy playing Blues, Country, Americana, Funk, Classic Rock, Jazz, R&B, Southern Rock, Contemporary Christian, and just about anything else with a good bass line. I'll work with a full band or back an individual acoustic player with either an electric bass or acoustic bass. I can practice days, evenings, and weekends with adequate notice.

Whether its a band with a full time gig working a club or you just need a bass player for a one time performance, I'm your guy...

BTW, I am always available to supply bass for anyone needing a bass player for any worthy cause or charitable event.
So, let's talk....

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Contact Information
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* Recordings of Full Shows *
Wild Rabbit Salad at "Live from Norfork Street" from McGonigel's Mucky Duck (November 8, 2020)
Dave Becker Band at The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival 2020 (October 17, 2020)


Scroll through the 9 tracks from the latest album by Wild Rabbit Salad, "Postcard From Houston",
recorded at Lucky Run Studios in Houston, TX.

Also available for listening and download from Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify.

Check out this video of the newest Wild Rabbit Salad single, "Saturday Night Til the Sun Comes Up",
recorded at Lucky Run Studios in Houston, TX.

This is one of the latest videos from Wild Rabbit Salad, "Love Child",
recorded at Lucky Run Studios in Houston, TX.

Lets Get Away From It All Trouble in Town Long Long Time

The above were recorded in 2020 & 2021 at Lucky Run Studios in Houston, Texas.
Full Band Outside                   Full Band Inside                   Acoustic Trio Live #1                   Acoustic Trio Live #2
Music Video from New Album

* Online Collaborations using *
Kompoz      &       SoundBlend

If you are working on a music project using KOMPOZ, Contact Me to supply the bass work. Click on the KOMPOZ logo above to access my profile.
Below are samples of finished collaborations where I have contributed the bass lines to various songwriters original material.

"Waiting to be Found" (Adult Contemporary) - Finished
"Waiting to be Found" is available on SoundBlend for download
"Waiting to be Found" is also on YouTube (audio only)

"Wind River" (Folk-Rock) - Finished
"Wind River" is available on SoundBlend for download

"Long Road Home" (Alternative Country) - Finished
"Long Road Home" is available on SoundBlend for download

"There's Still Time" (Alternative Folk) - Finished
"There's Still Time" is available on SoundBlend for download

"Perpetual Harvest" (Bluegrass) - Finished
"Perpetual Harvest" is available on SoundBlend for download

"Old Montana" (Americana) - Finished
"Old Montana" is available on SoundBlend for download

"Yestermorrow - The Slipstream Project" (Folk-Rock) - Finished
"Yestermorrow" is also available as an audio replay at SoundCloud
as part of the The Slipstream Project
Available on SoundBlend for download as 'Zenwheels'

"Puzzles - The Slipstream Project" (Rock) - Finished
Puzzles (93) as a YouTube video
"Puzzles" is also available as an audio replay at SoundCloud
as part of the The Slipstream Project

"High as a Kite" - The Slipstream Project (Rock) - Finished
"High as a Kite" is also available as an audio replay at SoundCloud
as part of the The Slipstream Project

"My Behavior" - The Slipstream Project (Rock) - Finished
"My Behavior" is also available as an audio replay at SoundCloud
as part of the The Slipstream Project

"This Is Their Song" (Contemporary Singer/Songwriter) - Finished
"This Is Their Song" is available on SoundBlend for download

"I'll Never Surrender" (Acoustic) - Finished

"Into Another Day" (Adult Contemporary) - Finished

"A Country Road" (Contemporary Country) - Finished

"My Mind" (Alternative) - Finished
"My Mind" is available on SoundBlend for download

"Blind" (Prog-Rock/Art Rock) - Finished
"Blind" is available on SoundBlend for download

"You Take Me Home" (Adult Contemporary) - Finished
"You Take Me Home" is available on SoundBlend for download

"Was Not Me" (Adult Contemporary) - Finished
"Was Not Me" is available on SoundBlend for download

"Baby Betrayed Me" (Jazz) - (was "Take It Slow") - Finished
"Baby Betrayed Me" is available on SoundBlend for download

"Hardtimes Like These" (Country Blues) - Finished
"Hardtimes Like These" is available on SoundBlend for download

"A Song About Love" (Alternative Country) - Finished
"A Song About Love" is available on SoundBlend for download

"Storm Raging In Me" (Prog-Rock/Art Rock) - Finished
"Storm Raging In Me" is available on SoundBlend for download

"Paradise on a Country Road" (Country) - Finished
"Paradise on a Country Road" is available on SoundBlend for download

"Me and Bobby McGee - Licensed Cover (LPA542476)" (Country) - Finished

Guy Clark's "Stuff That Works" - Licensed by RickyD - Finished
"Stuff That Works" is available on SoundBlend for download
"Stuff That Works" is also available as audio replay at SoundCloud

"Hard Times" (Classic Blues) - In Progress

"My Car is an Asshole" (Contemporary Blues) - In Progress

"Alfred Blues" (Blues) - In Progress

NFHOF Logo    Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame
Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame 2017 Inaugural Class Inductee
(Inducted into the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame on Sunday afternoon, October 15, 2017)
         New York State Assembly Certificate of Merit          Office of the Mayor, City of Niagara Falls, Proclamation
   55 year sound-snipit                         Event Program                       Acceptance Speach Video    
My Personal Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame Page (link)

>   S o m e       C u r r e n t       R e c o r d i n g s   <

This is an original tune called "Joel's Ballad" put together on by a group of musicians led by Joel Pierson.

Here's a little ditty recorded (audio captured and balanced by Keith Rogers Mobile Recording) during the Oct 6-7 Outdoor Music Event out on Puffabellys Outdoor Coutyard Stage. Performing their original song "Cartoon Guys" is Blues Willis consisting of members Kata Vörös and Adam Antal together with stand-ins Willie Favero (on Bass) and Howard Namkin (on Fiddle).

This next song is a video recording made at another Open Mic at Puffabelly's in Old Town Spring, Texas on July 27, 2017. This cover is of James Taylor's "Copperline"
Musicians in this video are Kenny Courville on guitar, vocals and the Open Mic's host, Joe Hill on dobro, Howard Namkin on fiddle, and Willie Favero (me) on electric bass guitar.

What follows is a recording made at an Open Mic at Puffabelly's in Old Town Spring, Texas, on October 26, 2017. The song, "I've Got This Thing For You", is an original tune written and performed here by David Becker. As you might be able to tell from David's introduction to the song, this is an impromptu performance. I believe the spontaneity of the performance in front of an audience of almost all musicians, all having fun at an open mic, gives the recording a special flavor. I hope you enjoy it...

The song was recorded on a handheld Zoom H1 recorder, then edited using Audacity.

"You Don't Want To Get You One of Those" was written by Mark Knopfler. This recording by Keith Rogers and I is cover of the version originally performed by Mark and Tommy Emmanuel. The recording is a collaboration effort between Keith and I, he is recording the guitar and vocals at his house, and I'm recording the bass line at mine. The final mix is my attempt at mixing and could use some improvements. However, it's included here for the instrumentation, not my engineering skills.

This next song is a cover of the Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez song "Sweet Tequila Blues". It was recorded at Keith's home with friends from Puffabelly's Open Mic, Old Town Spring TX. Tracks were recorded both pre and post Hurricane Harvey.
Musician on this recording are Frank Corolla (RIP) on vocals & mandolin, Willie Favero on acoustic fretless bass, Marie Pekarik taking care of vocals and harmonica, and Keith Rogers on guitar, EzDrummer, loop mangling, and general recording coordination and management.

This is a cover of Robert Johnson's "Me and the Devil Blues". We performed it at an Open Mic on July 8, 2018 at Green Oaks Tavern in Humble, TX. The actual multi-track recording and subsequent mixing were all handled by Keith Rogers.
The Musicians performing are: Keith Rogers on guitar and vocals (and recording engineer); Howard Namkin on fiddle; and Willie Favero on bass guitar.

This is another one of Keith Roger's recordings; this time it's a cover of Guy Clark's "Dublin Blues". This collaboration was completed remotely. I did the bass parts at my house and "shipped" them over to Keith who assembled all the pieces, with a little help from his family, in his recording studio. I was very pleased with the results so I am sharing it here.
Musicians are: Keith Rogers on guitar, vocals, and recording engineer; Carl Rogers on violin; Lena Rogers on background vocals; and Willie Favero on bass guitar.

You are listening to "Pale Pink Sky", an original song written by Patti Sullivan. Not only is Patti the songwriter, she is also supplying both the guitar and vocals for this MP3. The actual recording was made at an Open Mic at Swanny's Bar & Grill on July 3, 2018. Swanny's is located in Houston Texas. The Musicians performing are: Patti Sullivan on guitar and vocals (and song's author); Howard Namkin on fiddle; and Willie Favero on bass guitar.

The song was recorded on a handheld Zoom H1 recorder, then edited using Audacity.

This next to last song is another one of Keith Roger's home recordings; this time it's a cover of Ken Gains's "Razzmatazz". This is also another completely remote collaboration between Keith and myself. This is just a fun song to do.
Musicians are: Keith Rogers on guitar, vocals, and recording engineer and Willie Favero on bass guitar.

This final recording is very differnt from the others. This recording was made on July 9, 1975 at an old club from way back in the day called "The Switchyard" on Porter Road & 98th St in Niagara Falls, NY.
It was recorded with an old 1970s style Sony tape recorder laying on one of the front tables at the club during one of the our performances of "All About". Because of its age and how the origianl was created, please forgive the recording quality. Even the final version, the mp4 you are listening to today, is the result of usnig a Behringer UCA222 to transfer the recording from a reel-to-reel to my computer, Audacity to break up the massive WAV file created by the data transfer, and Windows Movie Maker for final editing, adding text and photos, and to fianlly create the mp4. No software was used to adjust or correct what you are listening to from the origianl 50 year old recording.

Some of the Gear I've Used Over the Years
My very first guitar was a sunburst electric hollow body Silvertone from Sears. My parents bought it for me when I started taking guitar lessons back around 1959-1960.
To this day, this guitar still sits in the corner of my Mom's spare bedroom in Niagara Falls.
Silvertone guitar
My first bass guitar was a Klira bass guitar. It has a white vinyl body with black neck and black head stock, black pickguard, and double pickups. The bass was purchased from someone who lived around High Park Blvd near to the old Police Station way back around 1963.
I used it my whole time playing with the Apaches, plus a few short lived bands prior to the Apaches, and the London Fog.
Although it was a very inexpensive guitar, and far from being a collector's item, I would love to find the bass today and buy it back. It was an extremely fun (and very fast) bass to play.
My second bass guitar was a Gibson EB-2 bought brand new from Brundo Music (Pine Ave in the Falls) in 1967. Although it was my second ass, it was my first bass guitar with real style, My EB-2 was purchased while I was playing with the London Fog.
At some point while playing with the London Fog, I bought a Hofner bass (Beatle bass) again from Brundo Music. Huge mistake. I tired of it quickly and ended up getting rid of it after just a month or two. It was too light, too muddy sounding for me,a nd I had issues with feedback.
My Fender Precision Fretless was my "go to" bass for the next ten years and the last bass I would purchase for a very long time. I ordered my sunburst fretless bass guitar with its maple neck from Brudo Music (yup, another bass form Brundo's) in 1970. I was playing with "Penelope" at the time. The fretless was the only bass I used for the remainder of "Penelope", and all my time with "All About", "Sound City Express", and whenever I sat in with "Five in a Row".
Unfortunately, one of my really dumb musical equipment moves was selling the fretless in 1981 when I was living in St Louis. That was and still is my biggest equipment mistake I have ever made. It's also a mistake I can never rectify. The kid I sold it to, took it apart, painted it, and did a bunch of other stuff to it. I did however, purchase another Fender Fretless to replace the one I sold many many years later.

  My first bass amp was a Silvertone followed by a transistor powered Standel bass amp.   I then moved from an Ampeg B-15 Portaflex, to a Fender Bassman, to a couple of Fender Showman and Dual Showman amps, and finally to an original Ampeg SVT Blueline, the amp that started it all. My first SVT setup was the one Blueline head with two 8x10 cabs. Then, after a short time, a second amp SVT head, this one a Blackline, with a second set of 8x10 cabs was added. For a while I also had an Ampeg B25 amp that I tried to drive the two SVT heads with. I didn't have a lot of success with that though.
The Ampeg SVT setup consisted of a 100 pound SVT amplifier head pushing 300 watts RMS designed to work with two cabinets, each cabinet containing eight baffled ten-inch speakers (8x10). The SVT amplifier section was powered by fourteen tubes, six of which were the old massive 6146 power tubes. Each 8x10 cab weighed in at 137 pounds. That's 600 pounds total getting carried in and out for every gig. BTW, the acronym SVT stood for "Super Vacuum Tube" although some claimed it stood for "Super Valve Technology". The acronym stuck, the full name never did.
Note:I recently came across a photo, although it is extremely small, of my Fender Showman heads and the original tube Exchoplex unit I used to own. I would mind hapving the Exchoplex today, it was an amazing little machine.  My first bass amp was a transistor powered Standel bass amp.

CURRENTLY... my go to rig has been a Fender Rumble 500 V3 amp with the occasional use of a Fender Rumble 210 ext cab for larger gigs.  If I need even more kick, I have Schroeder 12PL and 15PL cabs for use with a Genzler Magellan 800 amp.  I'm also using a light weight Fender Rumble 40 for open mic performances or when backing up acoustic players and Fender Rumble Studio 40 for practices.  I can also switch out the Rumble 210 for either the Schroeder 15PL or 12PL extension cabs to use with the Rumble 500 when looking for a little different sound.
As for bass guitars, I'm all over the place. My favorite is a custom-built Sadowsky NYC 4-24 Fretless in Burgundy Burst & an Ebony fingerboard with all kinds of Sadowsky electronics on board. I will still frequently use my Sadowsky Ultra Vintage and my MusicMan StingRay5 fretless occasionally.  However, because we have been doing a lot of outdoor gigs recently, my goto bass has been a Squier Classic Vibe '70s Precision.  For some venues, I do fall back to an older Fender MIM Precision. On rare occasions, I will bring out my 1973 Fender Fretless Precision.  However, with the Fretless now 45+ years old, I no longer drag it along to very many performances.  Yes, I know it needs to be played... and yes, I am fearful of something happening to it at the venues I currently work.  It will return to the road one day though.
Finally, I have an acoustic fretless that I have been using for a couple of recording efforts (see the last section on this website labeled Keith for examples) along with a double bass that is just too large to haul around anymore. There are a few more laying around that get used for very specific purposes.

If you have more interest in musical equipment, check out my pages describing what I own today at or

My Favorite Music Flavors
Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Brazilian, Country, Christian

Performance Photos - 2016 to Present

My  Band  Participation  History

- 2016 thru Currenty -

W h o    I ' m    W o r k i n g    W i t h    T o d a y
Archie Bell I had the opportunity to play bass guitar for Archie's band at a benefit performance in Montgomery, TX (very far North Houston).  Archie Bell and the Drells took the songs "Tighten Up" and "I Can't Stop Dancing" to the top of the charts back in 1968. Archie is still going strong and dancing up a storm today at 72 years young.
David Becker Band David Becker is a popular singer/songwriter writing and playing his Tex-Americana (a blend of Folk, Swing, and Blues) in and around the Houston area and across Texas for many years. Dave's band, The David Becker Band, just released his self-titled album, "David Becker", on CD Baby.
Here's one of Dave's songs we recorded at Puffabelly's: I've Got This Thing for You
Patti Sullivan Patti is a popular singer/songwriter in the Houston area for many years. She has recently moved back to Maryland..   Patti on MySpace
Pale Pink Sky
Jarrod Sterrett I worked as a hired gun for "The Hired Guns" when Jarrod needed a bass player for their gig at Shenanigan's Night Club in Texas City, Texas.   Jarrod Sterrett & The Hired Guns website.
Michael Durbin
(Moe Hansum Band)
Once again I was playing the part of the hired gun, this time with The Moe Hansum Band. They were playing the "Ken & Mary Blues Project" in Porter, Texas and needed a bass player for the day. Michael Durbin (RIP) was the band leader for the Moe Hansum Band with a great reputation locally around the Houston area as a blues guitarist.    The Moe Hansum Band website.
Rich DelGrosso Rich is a well respected and outstanding mandolin player who also played for The Moe Hansum Band at the "Ken & Mary Blues Project".   Mandolin Blues (Rich's website)
Clennis High Clennis is a legend in the Houston area. His extraordinary guitar playing is easily a combination of R&B, smooth Jazz, Blues, and Gospel, the kind of guitar playing the is difficult to categorize. Clennis was introduced to me by Archie Bell and then I had the chance to work with himagain with The Moe Hansum Band.   Some of Clennis's music.
Chuck Collins Chuck Collins (Guitar and Vocals) has been writing songs since the early 70's. He has twenty-seven of his recent songs copyrighted and more in the process. Currently, he is doing solo work in clubs, concentrating on early rock & roll, old blues, a bit of country, and his original work of course. He is frequently accompanied by Bob Kerswill on Harmonica.   Cover of Buddy Knox's "Too Much Fun".
I have accompanied Chuck Collins The Americana, Puffabellys Old Depot Restaurant in Old Town Spring, Swanny's Bar & Grill in Houston, Green Oaks Tavern in Humble, at The Americana and Dan Eletro's in Houston.
Bob Kerswill See above for Chuck Collins.
Wild Rabbit Salad Wild Rabbit Salad are Bucky Goldberg and Marietta Roebuck. They currently have five CDs: "Wild Rabbit Salad live at SXDE" (2011), "Red Dirt Rising" (2013), the self-titled CD "Wild Rabbit Salad" (2015), "uNplugged oRganic & gLuten fRee" (2018), "Trouble In Town" (2020), and "Let's Get Away From It All" (2022). All songs are originals and written, produced, and performed by Bucky and Marietta. They have received streams, downloads, air play and artistic recognition for their efforts. Wild Rabbit Salad is a popular musical duo, deep-routed in the Houston area for more than 10 years, and currently working on their 5th album. As Chris Spector of Mid West Record Entertainment wrote “One of the great under the radar Americana Duos”.
I am currently Wild Rabbit Salad's full time bass player, performing at numerous venues in the greater Houston area since 2018 and appearing on their latest recordings.

1964  -  2019
(Niagara Falls 1964-1978)
This Section Also Includes a Few Live Recordings
What follow is what I hope is an accurate history of the time I have spent playing music. I haven't listed everything I have ever attempted, that would be borderline silly. However, I have tried to list the events, the bands, and the people, who had a significant impact on me wanting to do this all over again today, at 67 years old, along with a few current events that are making a musical dream come true again.

How the Journey Started
A very long time ago, my cousin Woody had a band called the "Contrails". Hearing his band practice is when I decided I wanted to play in a band also.
Although there were a couple of garage bands that did a few free gigs in the very beginning, the first Band with paying gigs: Alonzo "Slick" Bradley (vocals, RIP), ?? (guitar), ?? (drums), and Willie Favero (bass).

My first paying gig was at roller rink called the Hully Gully on Niagara Street in Niagara Falls, NY. Next, I moved onto a paying gig at the old Victory Lounge on Main Street off Falls Street, again in Niagara Falls, NY. These two opportunities got me invited by Rich DelZoppo to join the Apaches with some High School friends. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

The  Apaches
The Apaches
These first recordings goes back even further, back to the mid-1960s, back to a Saturday night dance at Bishop Duffy High School. The band is the "Apaches".
The "Apaches" were a bunch of kids just starting high school; Thom Rotella on guitar, Pat Peri Jr on drums and vocals, Rich DelZoppo on guitar, and me, Willie Favero, playing bass guitar. We all shared background vocals duty. John DiNunzio (aka Johnny D) joined the band later on as the lead vocalist.
Although this wasn't the first band I was in that made momey from playing music, it was the band that actually got me started as a Niagara Falls musician.

Thom Rotella went on to become a very sucessfull sessions guitarist, recording artist, and composer, He currently is performing in the Los Angeles, CA area.
The following recordings, now on YouTube, were made with a 1960 tape recorder by Jim Brunn, the MC you'll hear on these recordings, at a Bishop Duffy High School dance:
"Day Tripper", The Beatles "Cara Mia", Jay & The Americans
"Run For Your Life" by The Beatles (only a short excerpt)

The "Big Break" that never happened": On December 11, 1965, the Byrds (yup, those Byrds of "Mr Tambourine" and "Tune, Turn, Turn" fame) were booked to play at the Stand Theater on Falls St in Niagara Falls, NY. The Apaches were invited to perform on stage as one of their opening acts. However, the Stand Theater was a union shop. Since we were too young to join the Musicians union, the union prevented us from performing, possibly missing out on what could have been a huge opportunity for a bunch of local kids. As things turned out, regardless of what decisions the union may have made, it was never going to be an opportunity for the Apaches. The Byrds flight that day was fogged in at New York City's airport preventing them from making it to the concert. The Buffalo Beatles performed alone on stage that day.
Byrds Ticket Ad

London  Fog
At some point Pat left the Apaches and Russ became our drummer. The band at that time transitioned to the London Fog.
The London Fog was made up of: John DiNunzio (vocals), Rich DelZoppo (guitar), Russ Previte (drums), Willie Favero (bass), Thom Rotella (Guitar)
Tom Nelson (vocals after John left), Walter Birch (lights). When Thom left the group, Frank Fracassi joined on keyboards.
The photographs included here (the only photos I can locate) are of the final version of The London Fog with Rich DelZoppo on guitar, Russ Previte on drums, Frank Fracassi on keyboards, Tom Nelson on vocals, and Willie Favero on bass.

Everyday  People
Everyday People
"Everyday People" was a formed out of The London Fog. John DeNunzio was playing for the Fog in February 1969. We were at LaSalle High School playing with The Purple Gas. Tom left us for the Purple Gas with Zito, Bax, Franky G and Jim Curtis. When John DeNunzio left the band, we went into Frank Fracassi's mothers Living Room from March thru May practicing with a new singer, Toni Beccari. We were offered a job at the Main Lounge at the corner of Main Street and Falls Street. However, we had to change the band's name at the request of Larry Googosion, the owner of the Main. He wanted to make sure that a bunch of teeny boppers or High School kids did not follow us to his place. We opened at the Main in late June as "Everyday People".
I was with the band for just under a year. When I left the group, Carl Filbert took my place on bass.
Who made up the original Everyday People? Tony Beccari (vocals), Rich DelZoppo (guitar), Russ Previte (drums), Frank Fracassi (Keyboards), and Willie Favero (bass)
Russ, Frank, Tony, Carl, and Rich are still playing with Everyday People today in the Niagara Falls area.
Everyday People today (2016). This is for their Duffy Dance performance on April 30, 2016.

Penelope was made up of (left to right): Frank Fracassi (Keyboards), Bob Isaacs (Guitar), Joe Rotella (drums), Bobby Sirianni (vocals), and Willie Favero (bass)
Here is a recording Bob Isaacs came across of an original song writen by Bobby Sirianni back inm the days of the original Penelope.
Nightly News recorded at Pine Bowl, Niagara Falls, NY.
Penelope is still around today playing at events in the Niagara Falls area. However, Bobby is the only original member still with the group.

Jazz Group (no name)
jazz group
Jazz group: Ralph Fava (guitar), Willie Favero (bass), Carol Clayton Kostoff (vocals), Bill Bates (drums), and Joe Ruggiero (keyboards)

Country/Rock Attempt
Country/Rock attempt: George Kobas (guitar), Fred Amendola (guitar, RIP),

All  About
Here's a couple of YouTube samples of one of the bands I was fortunate enough to play with back in the 1970s. The band was called "All About" as you can see form our brochure. It was an 8 piece very funky horn group that played all around Western New York.
"All About" consisted of our front man and lead vocalist Rick Davis (RIP), Tom Greco on guitar, lead vocals, and backup vocals, with Dom Mitro on keyboards. Our horn section was made up of Tony Nastasi on alto and tenor sax and flute, Eddie Urso on trumpet, and John Davies* (RIP) on trombone. Our kick a$$ rhythm section was made up of Mario Quaglia on drums and backup vocals, and Willie Favero on fretless bass and backup vocals.

*(John Davies was posthumously inducted into the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame in 2017.)
Cover_page   Inside_Cover   Inside_page_2_and_3   Inside_page_4   Back_Cover
The following 32 recordings, now on YouTube, were all made in June 1975 and July 1975 with an old 1970s style tape recorder laying on one of the front tables at these two clubs during performances of "All About": "International Lounge" on Pine Avenue or "The Switchyard" on Porter Road, both in Niagara Falls, NY.

Please excuse the recording quality. The MP4 recording needed for Youtube where created using a Behringer UCA222 to transfer the from a reel-to-reel to my computer, Audacity to break up the massive WAV file created by the data transfer, and Windows Movie Maker for final editing, adding text and photos, and to create the MP4.

All of the following YouTube recordings are COVERS by "All About" of popular songs performed by major artist in the 1970s.
"A Funky Song" (Ripple) - International Lounge "A Funky Song" (Ripple) - The Switchyard
"Brand New Love Affair" (Chicago) - The Switchyard "Can't Move No Mountain" (Blood, Sweat & Tears) - International Lounge
"Don't Change Horses" (Tower of Power) - International Lounge "Down to the Nightclub" (Tower of Power) - International Lounge
"Everybody's Everything" (Santana) - International Lounge "Everybody's Everything" (Santana) - The Switchyard
"Fire and Rain" (Blood, Sweat and Tears) - The Switchyard "Fire" (The Ohio Players) - The Switchyard
"Got The Love" (Average White Band) - International Lounge "Got To Get You Into My Life" (The Beatles) - The Switchyard
"Hollywood Swinging" (Kool & The Gang) - The Switchyard "Lucretia Mac Evil" (Blood, Sweat and Tears)
"Mighty Mighty" (Earth, Wind, and Fire) "Moondance" (Van Morrison) - International Lounge
"Moondance" (Van Morrison) - The Switchyard "Old Days" (Chicago)
"Once You Get Started" (Rufus featuring Chaka Khan) - The Switchyard "Only So Much Oil In The Ground" (Tower of Power)
"Pick Up The Pieces" (Average White Band) - The Switchyard "Someday We'll Get By" (Azteca) - The Switchyard
"Put Your Hands Together" (The O'Jays) - International Lounge "Put Your Hands Together" (The O'Jays) - The Switchyard
"Song for My Father" (Horace Silver) - International Lounge "This Time It's Real" (Chicago) - International Lounge
"Walking In Rhythm" (The Blackbyrds) "We've Got To Live Together" (Buddy Miles Express) - International Lounge
"What is Hip" (Tower of Power) - The Switchyard "You Can Count on Me" (Chicago) - International Lounge
"You Got It" (Average White Band) - The Switchyard "You're Still A Young Man" (Tower Of Power) - International Lounge

I Wasn't Actually in this Band, But...
This is an odd one. I was never in Five in a Row. However, when I was working with another band, I often sat in with them. It was always a great way to use up an off night and kept the hands in shape.

Five in a Row: Marie Navarroli (vocals), Ernie Vendetti (vocals), Stan Sciera (keyboards), Rich Golda (drums), Bernie O'Donnel (guitar)

Sound  City  Express
Sound City Express: Ike Smith (vocals), Paul Weitz (Guitar), Al Albano (keyboards, RIP), Bob Corbet (drummer),
and Willie Favero (Bass)

Paul Weitz went on to become a sucessfull Jazz guitarist currently performing and recording in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Al Albano became the music director and keyboard player for the Lettermen in 1993 and toured with them until be became sick. Al died on Febrary 19, 2002.

Ike Smith is still singing lead and fronting the very succesful band "Boogie Monsters" in the Buffalo area.

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (musical)
Played with the band (small orchestra) that supported the musical "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" that was performed in North Dallas around 1988.

BMC  Blues  Band
BMC Software's main offices had a terrific recording studio on their lower level. That studio, combined with the fact that it often seemed like everyone at BMC played some musical instrument, sparked an idea sometime in the late 1990s that maybe we could use that space afterhours to put together a band. It seemed like a great way to blow off some steam at the end of the day. However, somewhere between our many practices and the fact that we were having a blast playing together, management suggested we think about playing for some BMC events. At first, it was a few sales rallies. However, that eventually turned into us traveling to Unix World in Dallas to play for one of the huge afterhours parties. It was all very cool and great fun.
BMC Blues Band: Dave Fox (guitar), Tommy Sprinkle (guitar), Willie Favero (bass), Julian Waits (sax), and ????? many others.
I apologize for not remembering everyone's name in the photos.

Woodlands Acoustic Jam
The Woodlands Acoustic Jam, a group on, is a group for acoustic musicians of all skill levels who want to meet in The Woodlands for a bi-weekly acoustic jam. The first 20 group members to sign up spend 3 hours on a Sunday playing their favorite songs. It's a very cool group, playing together is a lot of fun, and they on occasion get to perform for others.
Make Music at Herrera's (Herreras Mexican Restaurant in Conroe, TX) - Bi-Monthly Jam
Jam for "National Night Out" in Windsor Hills (Conroe, TX) - October 3, 2016

Puffabellys Old Depot Restaurant
Puffabelly's Old Depot Restaurant is located in Old Town Spring, TX.
- - - Thursday Night Open Mic - - -
"Last Kiss", by Bill Curd
- - - Puffabelly's Outdoor Courtyard Stage (for various festival) - - -
The Outdoor Courtyard Stage is sponsored by Puffabelly's Restaurant. The Outdoor Stage makes its appearance throughout the year for various festivals held in Old Town Spring, Spring, Texas. Each performer, or group of performers, are given a 35-minute set and the sets run from Noon to 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Puffabelly's not only supplies the tent and stage but also makes their full menu along with table service available to those listening for the afternoon.
Those performing on the Outdoor Courtyard Stage and individuals or groups that have displayed their talents at Puffabelly's Thursday Night Open Mic. Only people who have performed at Open Mic participate.
October 1 & 2, 2016 - Old Town Spring Autumn Art & Texas Wine Festival, An Outdoor Music Event
April 29 & 30, 2017 - Old Town Spring Texas Crawfish and Music Festival
October 7 & 8, 2017 - Old Town Spring Autumn Art & Texas Wine Festival and Pet Festival
March 24 & 25, 2018 - Old Town Spring SpringFest with Outdoor Music Showcase
April 28 & 29, 2018 - Old Town Spring Texas Crawfish and Music Festival
October 6 & 7, 2018 - Old Town Spring Art & Texas Wine Festival, An Outdoor Music Event
         Blues Willis: "Cartoon Guys" (an original song)
October 20 & 21, 2018 - Puffbelly's Outdoor Stage Open Mic'ers Music Festival
   Jennifer covering Gold Dust Woman      
- - - Old West Melodrama Preshow Performances - - -

"The Great Male Order Sting of Indianola"

"Eat, Drink, and Be Murdered"

"Haunting of Bella de Ghosse"

"Trouble at the Tropicabana"
"The Case of the Motorcoach Murder"

Arcadia Bar & Grill
Arcadia Bar & Grill, Houston's Original Rock Bar since 1982, Cypress Creek Parkway, Houston, Texas (Oct 23, 2016)

Bren's Monaville Hall Icehouse
Bren's Monaville Hall Icehouse, Cochran Rd, Waller, Texas

Jimbo's Road House
Jimbo's Road House, Hempstead Hwy, Hockley, Texas
Playing bass for "The Can't Hardly Playboys and One Girl Band" every other Wednesday.  Started on February 8, 2017 and still performing every other Wednesday.

Cheers, West Main Street, Tomball, Texas

Swanny's Bar & Grill
Swanny's (Website and Facebook) is located on Theall Rd in Houston, Texas.
Swanny's is my favorite Tuesday night Open Mic.

Green Oaks Tavern
Swanny's (Website and Facebook) is located on E. Main Street in Humble, Texas.
Green Oaks Tavern is my favorite Sunday afternoon Open Mic, great owners.

Hitching Post
Hitching Post, Caldwell (San Antonio Prairie), Texas

Whiskey Tango Bar & Grill
Whiskey Tango Bar & Grill
15875 County Road 304, Navasota, Texas

The Americana
The Americana
2957 Bingle Rd., Houston, Texas.

The Ginger Man - Midtown
The Ginger Man Houston Midtown, W Gray Street, Houston, Texas

Shenanigan's Night Club
Shenanigan's Night Club
820 34th St. North, Texas City, Texas.

Ken & Mary's Blues Project
Ken & Mary's Blues Project, Porter, Texas.

Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
1031 E 24th St., Houston, Texas.

Parrot Pub Dance & Night Club
Parrot Pub Dance & Night Club
5010 Louetta, Spring, Texas.

Re:HAB Bar on the Bayou
Re:HAB Bar on the Bayou
1658 Enid St., Houston, Texas.

Shane's Saloon
Shane's Saloon
111 Weakley Way Road, Pinehurst, Texas.

The Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club
The Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club
5731 Kirby Dr., Houston, Texas.

Bubba's Sports Bar & Grill
Bubba's Sports Bar & Grill
6225 Washington Ave., Houston, Texas.

EQ Heights
EQ Heights
1030 Heights Blvd., Houston, Texas.

Harold's Restaurant & Tap Room
Harold's Restaurant & Tap Room
1350 W 19th St., Houston, Texas.

McGonigel's Mucky Duck
McGonigel's Mucky Duck
2425 Norfolk St., Houston, Texas.

Eighteen Ten Ojeman
Eighteen Ten Ojeman
1810 Ojeman Rd., Houston, Texas.

Cactus Music
Cactus Music
2110 Portsmouth St, Houston, Texas.

El Canton Firewood Pizzeria
El Canton Firewood Pizzeria
981 S Mason Rd, Katy, Texas.

Megaton Brewery
Megaton Brewery
808 Russell Palmer Rd, Kingwood, Texas.

2019 Lights in The Heigths
2019 Lights in The Heigths
Wild Rabbit Salad played at 708 Highland Street, Houston, Texas.

Rising Sun Vineyard
Rising Sun Vineyard
233 Edmonson Ranch Rd, McDade, Texas

Blue Epiphany Vineyards
Blue Epiphany Vineyards
400 Bryant Rd, Conroe, Texas

Peach Street Market, Angleton
Peach Street Market, Angleton
234 S Arcola St, Angleton, Texas

Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival 2020
Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival 2020
The Woodlands, Texas

Spring Branch Pub & Grill
Spring Branch Pub & Grill
8520 Hammerly, Houston, Texas

The Woodlands Farmers' Market
The Woodlands Farmers' Market
7 Switchbud Pl, The Woodlands, Texas

Dosey Doe - The Big Barn
Dosey Doe - The Big Barn
25911 Interstate 45 N, Spring, Texas

Dosey Doe - Breakfast, BBQ, & Whiskey Bar
Dosey Doe - Breakfast, BBQ, & Whiskey Bar
2626 Research Forest Dr, Spring, Texas

8th Wonder Brewery
8th Wonder Brewery
2202 Dallas St, Houston, Texas

8th Wonder Distillery
8th Wonder Distillery
2201 Dallas St, Houston, Texas

Hopheads on the Bayou
Hopheads on the Bayou
8001 Braesmain Dr, Houston, Texas

Guadalaharry's Bar & Grill
Guadalaharry's Bar & Grill
12947 Lake Conroe Hills Dr, Willis, Texas

JP Hops House
JP Hops House
2317 S Texas 6, Houston, Texas

Cowboy Surfer
Cowboy Surfer
827 Frostwood Dr, Houston, Texas

1912 W 18th St, Houston, Texas

Nico's Bar and Grill
Nico's Bar and Grill
22610 Loop 494, Kingwood, Texas

Back Pew Brewery
Back Pew Brewery
26452 Sorters McClellan Rd, Porter, Texas

Leon's Lounge
Leon's Lounge
1006 McGowen St. Houston, Texas

Betsy's at Evelyn's Park
Betsy's at Evelyn's Park
4400 bellaire boulevard, Bellaire, Texas.

Open Mics with Barry Rome
Swanny's Grill - November 15, 2016
Cover of Jimmy Buffett's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" Cover of Lyle Lovett's "She's No Lady"
Cover of the Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling" Cover of the Eagles' "Take It Easy"
Cover of James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James" Cover of Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl"
Puffabelly's - December 29, 2016
Cover of Jim Croce's "Working At The Car Wash Blues" Cover of James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James"
Cover of Eagles "Take It Easy" Cover of Lyle Lovett's "She's No Lady"
Puffabelly's - January 12, 2017
Cover of Hayes Carll's "She Left Me For Jesus" Cover of Jim Croce's "Operator"
Cover of John Mayer's "Daughters"

Open Mics with Frank & Marie
--- Willie (bass), Marie (harmonica, vocals), Frank (guitar, vocals) ---
Swanny's Grill - January 31, 2017
McCardell's Tavern & Grille - January 31, 2017
Swanny's Grill - February 7, 2017
Puffabelly's Open Mic - February 23, 2017
Puffabelly's Open Mic - March 2, 2017
Puffabelly's Open Mic - March 9, 2017
Texas Wine and Art Festival - Puffabelly's, Old Town Spring, TX - April 2, 2017

The Can't Hardley Playboys and One Girl Band
- Frank (guitar, vocals), José (drums), Marie (harmonica, vocals), Roger (guitar, vocals), Sonny (guitar, vocals), and Willie (bass) -
Monaville Hall in Waller, TX - October 29, 2016
- Frank (guitar, vocals), Gary (drums), Marie (harmonica, vocals), Roger (guitar, vocals), Sonny (guitar, vocals), and Willie (bass) -
B&H Grill in Tomball, TX - November 19, 2016
- Frank (guitar, vocals), José (drums), Marie (harmonica, vocals), Roger (guitar, vocals), Sonny (guitar, vocals), and Willie (bass) -
Big John's Birthday at Monaville Hall in Waller, TX - December 17, 2016
- Frank (guitar, vocals), José (drums), Marie (harmonica, vocals), Roger (guitar, vocals), Sonny (guitar, vocals), and Willie (bass) -
Jimbo's Road House (35230 Hempstead Hwy, Hockley, TX)
Every other Wendesday - Feb 8, 2017 thru Nov 20, 2019
- Frank (guitar, vocals), José (drums), Marie (harmonica, vocals), Roger (guitar, vocals), Sonny (guitar, vocals), and Willie (bass) -
Cover of Steve Earle recording of "Copperhead Road" Cover of Johnny Cash recording of "Folsom Prison Blues"
Cover of Jason Allen recording "John Boat Blues" Cover of Eric Clapton recording of "Lay Down Sally"
Cover of Willie Nelson recording of "On The Road Again" Cover of Merle Haggard recording of "Ramblin' Fever"
Cover of Merle Haggard recording of "Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down"
Jimbos Jimbos Jimbos Jimbos
Jimbos Jimbos Jimbos Jimbos
Jimbos Jimbos Jimbos Jimbos
Jimbos Jimbos Jimbos Jimbos
Jimbos Jimbos Jimbos Jimbos

Jennifer and Kenny (plus others) at Puffabelly's
- Kenny (guitar, vocals), Jennifer (vocals), Joe (dobro), Howard (fiddle), and Willie (bass) -
Cover of James Taylor's "Copperline"

Keith Rogers' Recordings
- Keith Rogers (guitar, vocals, sound and digital editing/arranging, plus many other hats), plus many other musicians -

Cover of Frank Solivan's "Put Me In Your Pocket"

Cover of Guy Clark's "Black Diamond Strings"

Cover of Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez's "Sweet Tequila Blues"

Some Very Personal Details:   I was born in December, 1950 in Niagara Falls, NY. I grew up in a terrific neighborhood with most of my childhood living at 2236 LaSalle Ave. I attended Our Lady of Mt Carmel School for 9 years (K-8) before graduating in 1968 from Bishop Duffy High School. In 1973, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Information System Management from the State University of New York (SUNY) College at Buffalo (aka Buffalo State College). Career opportunities convinced me to move from the Falls to St Louis, MO in 1977, to Dallas, TX in 1988 (technically Grapevine, TX), and finally to Houston, TX in 1994. I married my best friend Karen Meng in September 1982 in St Louis and have two Daughters (Lauren and Catherine) and 4 Grandchildren (Faith, Anthony, Colton, and Annabelle). Besides music and family, my other passions over the years have included fast cars (including some racing), motorcycles, photography, building Lego kits, and computers (not always necessarily in that order).

Just some fun photos from a variety of different places and different times
photo_2  Penelope_in_tent_Willie 600x848 (cropped) Jimbo's 06 (IMG_4970)
    Jazz_group_Bill-Bates_Willie_Carol-Kostoff_Joe-Ruggiero_999x725 Jimbo's 05 (IMG_4968) Jimbo's 06 (IMG_4970)
Jimbo's Willie Jose (IMG_4968)  Kenny Penelope inTent - original w names - face-block  Jimbo's 05 (IMG_4968)
 Puff_outside Puffabelly's SnapShot(0) Subdivision_night_out_DSC_2987 Taylor AB-3 Willie_four_pics_720x566
Niagara Falls (NY) bars I can remember that existed in the 1960s and 1970s when I worked as a musician. There were many, many more... Hully Gully, The Victory Lounge, Main, Fran, Switchyard, Red Carpet, International Lounge, Stardust, Pine Bowl, The Amory, the Speakeasy, Monte Carlo, The Club, Holiday Inn Amherst, Blvd Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Grand Island, He & She's, Cross Bow (Sheridan Dr), Jacobi's (Abbot Road)

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